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We are committed to the guarantee that's printed upon all of our estimates and invoices. That commitment is "You deserve the best for at least ten percent less" Therefore, if you receive an estimate from any of our competitors, we can safely and efficiently do that same job at a significant savings to our customers.

Our motto and pledge to our customers is A higher quality of care and service for less, so you can also expect to get your trees pruned properly with a high quality of professionalism and customer service as well. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection and have been one of the leaders in the local tree care industry for many years. You can find out the relative age of a State contractor by the license number assigned to it.

The longer a company has been in business, the lower the license number will be. Tree Rite Arborists has one of the lowest State contractor’s license numbers of any of the local tree companies, and is one of the more tried, true and experienced tree contractors in the Antelope Valley.

At Tree Rite Arborists we provide every sort of top-notch tree service and will properly trim any and all types of trees including fruit trees and shrubs. We also completely remove trees and can grind stumps or simply dig out and move trees to other locations in some instances we provide emergency on call service and we are easily able to do general hauling clean up and backhoe work as well. We can also diagnose and help you to manage the health and overall safety of your property, assets and trees.

Many of our customers may just want to eliminate limbs that interfere with objects and structures, or to remove a troublesome tree altogether.